>The kids are watching Journey to the Center of the Earth, when I asked Gwen why she said, “Because its a science fiction movie with no purpose!”, I was going to ask her to help me write my account number on my quarter rolls so I can take them to the bank today, I guess I am doing it on my own.

Em is working, she sent me a text asking me to make the rain go away. If I could, I would, was my response. Of course, my phone was off so I didn’t get the message until a little bit ago and she is probably doing something where she can’t respond or the phone ringing is an annoyance. Oh well.

My only plans for today are to go to the bank and go to Allsport. I let you know if I do anything exciting. I am going to put my quarters in my account for my I-Pod Nano. I forget how much I have, $30 or $40 I think. I’ll let you know.