>kick-off for SEFA. This isn’t a restaurant, its a employee lunch room and I have to go now.

Fred got an 87 on his report card. D told me, then said, “I guess now I have to get him the I-pod thing he wants. He worked really hard to make it.” I asked if he wanted the Shuffle and D laughed, “No, he wants the I-touch, like Tigger has.” Speaking of Tigger, I told him I was just going to get my name on my I-Pod, “Bella”, he hates the name Bella, because of the Twilight books, I said, well I was Bella before the book so I am keeping it.

When I got home I found out I won a free book from the book giveaway website. How to eliminate pelvic pain. Big whop, maybe I will send it to my Mom.

I also signed up to follow Marie’s new craft blog. Go check it out, and I gave her the link to my craft blog.

I called the Doctor’s office about my prescription and my MRI, well, the Doctor hadn’t written anything in my chart. So they had to consult with him and were going to call, but haven’t yet. They did call in the Maxalt for my headaches, but I got tablets instead of the melt-away tablets. Should be all right.

Now I really have to go to bed. I am going to try to do one more thing before I do that.