>Yes I have taken the Police earworm to the extreme. At the bottom of my blog are more Sting and The Police videos from U-Tube. I got a bunch of Police and Sting music on my MP3 player. I still have a bunch of room on it.

Tigger and I were texting about the I-Pod Nano he says he is getting for me. I want purple, after the big deal he made that I couldn’t get the purple ’cause Em and I would confuse ours, he tells me today if you order them from the Apple website, you can get them engraved for free! Not only, when I went to the website to look at them, they have on the Nano how many GB it holds! Since I am getting a 16 and she has an 8, they will be different. Anyway, I think I will have engraved on mine, Now Bella can carry a tune.

Or maybe not, no one at home thought it was very funny.