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>on my way home

>early, and I cannot believe how freaking crowded this train is! It is like everyone in the city is trying to leave. I decided to go ahead and get the I-pod since I have enough money for it. The money for it is coming out of my other account anyway. You know the one linked to my amazon account, amazon, the people who are sending me $20 for the books I sold, Yippee! Between that and the money I put in it every payday and the coins I deposited there is enough money.

I feel like I am doing my part for the economy.


>lots of little stuff

>I am going to have a lot of things to put together when I get home but I keep thinking of things, as Tigger would say, I am having random thoughts. Like my windshield wipers don’t slap they click, I noticed that when I was driving yesterday, ‘click’ the wipers go up and down ‘click’, ‘click’ the wipers go up and down ‘click’. And I was up so late last night. First I was updating my pictures in Picasa then when I made my last trip to the toilet I saw the washer and remembered I needed to hang my wet clothes up which meant I had to put my dry clothes away got that done then went to bed. Then this morning I had my makeup case in my hand to put in my backpack for work but when I got on the train it wasn’t in there, so now I have naked eyes. Don’t look at me!

And now before I go to bed I have to address this book I sold so I can mail it tomorrow. Instead of doing that I am playing with my MP3 player. I think I messed it up and will need to replace it. I have no idea what I did or how to fix it.

Also, people are reading my blog! I got a counter and it goes up by ten everyday. Now I know some of those are mine, I also know I don’t check my blog 10 times per day! So now I am going to finish up some things, then I am going to bed.

Oh and I am such a dummy! I copied the songs on my MP3 player to my computer, re-synced them and the problem was still there. I started playing around with the player and went into settings, there it was, I hit on playback range, it had been changed to Selected Range instead of All Range. And here I deleted my playlists for nothing!

Addio >^..^<

>On to other things.

>I did get some things accomplished. I ordered the supplies to make Em’s anklet, another one for me and a bracelet. I need to start up a website to sell these things. I know the place I want to use, I just have to do it.

I also listed more books for Tigger to sell. He really wants his I-Pod. Right now he has nothing to play his music on.

I finally installed the software from my new phone so I can sync songs to it. So I put some songs on my phone and listened to them. Of course to get the best sound I need to get earphones, I think they have to be specially designed. I don’t think you can use just any.

One thing I didn’t do is watch the movies I got from the library. They have to go back tomorrow, because they were due today and the library charges a dollar a day. I also owe the Queens library $2.50.

Today Em told me that she and D might buy my car from me so I can get out of debt faster so I can move sooner. Besides needing money for rent, I will have to have first and last month and a security deposit I am sure. After the car is taken care of, I have two loans to pay off. That will take less time if I am no longer paying for the car. Since I will not be taking the car with me, and Stitch needs a car, it makes sense. She is talking about paying it off, since they can probably get a better interest rate then what I am paying.

finders keepers

When I was listing my books on Amazon to sell, I found my purple bookmark in the shape of a flower with the heart in the middle. So now I have 3 really cool bookmarks. I don’t have three books to read though. I mean I do, but I don’t.

its getting worse

I am feeling worse and worse as the day goes on. I am doing my best to make it to 4:30 or at least 4:00. I was feeling really light headed before lunch and that has sort of passed. I have eaten, drank milk, taken Tylenol® and used my inhaler. I can’t go to bed when I get home because I have to get a envelope for a book I sold on Amazon. I also have to get a book for a book club read. I have to go now.

Before I went to get the envelope, I checked my e-mail, and I had sold another one. So I bought 2 envelopes and will mail them tomorrow. Before I left work I remembered that there is a bookstore in GCT, so I stopped there and got “A Descent Into Hell” by Kathryn Casey. She is a new true crime author, well, new to me.

Em made chicken and rice pilaf, not for me, but it is good for upset stomach so it was for me! The dress and top she ordered came today, she is really pleased with them. We have tickets for Top of the Rock and I made reservations at Tavern on the Green. I think I may have already said this. It is going to be a great day.

Well, I have updated my list of books read. I need to go to bed now since it is midnight and I have a headache.