>I did get some things accomplished. I ordered the supplies to make Em’s anklet, another one for me and a bracelet. I need to start up a website to sell these things. I know the place I want to use, I just have to do it.

I also listed more books for Tigger to sell. He really wants his I-Pod. Right now he has nothing to play his music on.

I finally installed the software from my new phone so I can sync songs to it. So I put some songs on my phone and listened to them. Of course to get the best sound I need to get earphones, I think they have to be specially designed. I don’t think you can use just any.

One thing I didn’t do is watch the movies I got from the library. They have to go back tomorrow, because they were due today and the library charges a dollar a day. I also owe the Queens library $2.50.

Today Em told me that she and D might buy my car from me so I can get out of debt faster so I can move sooner. Besides needing money for rent, I will have to have first and last month and a security deposit I am sure. After the car is taken care of, I have two loans to pay off. That will take less time if I am no longer paying for the car. Since I will not be taking the car with me, and Stitch needs a car, it makes sense. She is talking about paying it off, since they can probably get a better interest rate then what I am paying.