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>The correct way to weigh yourself



>Here I am at Panera just waiting until it is a little bit later so I can walk across Route 9(gulp) for my training. I had an egg soufflé and a cup of tea and re-wrote my review on The Surgeon and added reviews of my own to The Apprentice and The Sinner.

The Sinner actually had two separate crimes. I wonder if I should edit my review. Well it will have to be later since I need to get going. I will be back later after training and the meeting probably.

The Gulp was walking across 9D, not for the training. I went in and re-wrote some of my reviews. I don’t remember if I added the part about the separate crime. I have been tweaking my blog, changing the font all over it. Now if I could only figure out where to get a template with 3 columns.