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>On to other things.

>I did get some things accomplished. I ordered the supplies to make Em’s anklet, another one for me and a bracelet. I need to start up a website to sell these things. I know the place I want to use, I just have to do it.

I also listed more books for Tigger to sell. He really wants his I-Pod. Right now he has nothing to play his music on.

I finally installed the software from my new phone so I can sync songs to it. So I put some songs on my phone and listened to them. Of course to get the best sound I need to get earphones, I think they have to be specially designed. I don’t think you can use just any.

One thing I didn’t do is watch the movies I got from the library. They have to go back tomorrow, because they were due today and the library charges a dollar a day. I also owe the Queens library $2.50.

Today Em told me that she and D might buy my car from me so I can get out of debt faster so I can move sooner. Besides needing money for rent, I will have to have first and last month and a security deposit I am sure. After the car is taken care of, I have two loans to pay off. That will take less time if I am no longer paying for the car. Since I will not be taking the car with me, and Stitch needs a car, it makes sense. She is talking about paying it off, since they can probably get a better interest rate then what I am paying.


>And this is what happens, I miss some important news. Follow this link. Here’s another one. Follow this link.

O.K. For those of you who don’t like following links, the news is that Paul Newman died Friday. At first I thought I was really out of touch, then realized that Friday was yesterday. Thinking about it, I can’t decide which is my favorite movie of his. So I am going to one of those news articles and copy a picture to post here.

I chose this picture cause you can really see his blue eyes. I don’t think he looks as handsome in this picture as in some others, but his handsomeness is enhanced by his character and you can’t see that in a picture. That being said, he was really handsome and I was in love with him, even though he was married and older than my father!