First day of September, first post of the month.

No new e-mails or thread posts. I am off to Woodbury Commons with M and the boys.

M told Gwen and I to remind her she never wants to take Fred shopping with her again. It was like his brain stopped working when we got out of the car. We got him clothes for school, and M found an MP3 player with 4gig of memory, but no red bras. Anywhere. I am going to have to look online.

The thread and my e-mail are pretty quite today. I am trying to refresh the page to see if there are any more posts and it is taking FOREVER! Okay, it’s done so I am off to read it. Well, still not too much action. I ordered Law & Order:Criminal Intent for M. Season 1. This week is the US Open so there is no Law & Order: CI. I never did find any red bras. M says her beige one will work. So now, I think I will check my e-mail and then play some solitaire. Well, I have to look up a book first. See Ya!

Didn’t play solitaire, or anything else, but I am still messing around with the computer. I am listening to my MP3 player with my new earbuds. I guess I just have to get used to them. The main thing is them not falling out my ears. I need to use them so I can wear my sunglasses and earrings.

Cookie is going to the Hampton’s until the 9th of September. I will miss her posts and e-mails. I have to send her a good-bye e-mail, just in case she checks before bed.