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>Here’s an easy challenge!

>Check out this challenge! It’s at MyFriendAmy’ blog and it challenges us to get a nonreader to read and us already readers to read more! Here are Amy’s ROE!

It’s called the Read One Book Challenge.

Here are the rules.

1) Read one book you have never read before by December 31st, 2008.

2) This book must not be a children’s book that you are reading to your kids. It must be a book for you.

3) This book may not be part of work related research. This book is for you.

4) It can be fiction or nonfiction.

5) Please leave a comment telling me you’re joining in and write a post linking back to this post to invite others to join in as well (if you have a blog, if not just leave a comment!).

6) For bonus points, spend an evening at a Barnes and Noble, Borders, or local independent bookshop browsing through books. (apparently there’s a huge percentage of people who don’t go to bookstores, either)

7) When you’ve completed your book write a post about it and I’ll link to it here!

If you are like Amy and read 2-4 books a week, please still join in though you’ll probably complete the challenge a lot faster than others. One ten dollar Amazon gift card will be awarded through random drawing to a person who signs up and completes the challenge on time.

So get thee over and sign up!!


>I know I have mentioned this before, I keep hoping that if I keep saying it, it will eventually sink into my little pea brain, 15 minutes is not enough time to pee, put in my contacts, wash my face, brush my teeth, get dressed and put on my makeup. Oh and if you have an extra 5 minutes, that is not enough time to go online or clean the litter box! Sorry Butterscotch.

And the day did not get any better. The train was late leaving GCT, by about 40 minutes! Oy. And today is one of the days that Stitch takes my car so I had to call Em to not come get me because the train was late but she didn’t get the call until she was at the train station. Anyway, I did not go to the meeting tonight, Tigger didn’t either, he wasn’t feeling well. It didn’t stop him from eating two bowls of Tootsie Rolls though. And I finally got my songs. I took my MP3 player upstairs and downloaded them from the computer. He would never have sent them. I didn’t sign the computer out of the Amazon account, I need to do that next.

The delay was O.K. in one sense, though, I finished reading The Devil’s Right Hand Man.

Now I have to decide which one of three books I have I will read next.