>and I do not remember them. The day started with me missing the 6:44 so I had to take the 7:05. At least the 7 train was running. But I had to go to the post office to mail the book I sold, so I was really late.

M has been sending me e-mails about going to Manhattan. We are talking about on the first of November to go down. I have decided to put $50 a paycheck into my other account for going to Manhattan and as a kind of savings.

So anyway, I was planning to go the meeting with Stitch, but his sinuses are bother him so I didn’t go. I am so tired but I have to go get cash and I feel like getting something yummy at Borders, I will have to leave soon if I want to do that.

Cookie is going to send me Dexter and I am sending her Nelson. She insists on only 1 book back in trade. That is fine with me.

Well, home now and getting ready for bed. I was late to Borders so I had to go to Barnes & Noble. I kept looking at this cake, but I was good and just got a fat free latte. I think it helped the size of the woman in front of me and the size of the woman behind the register. Kept thinking, I don’t want to end up like that. I don’t think that makes me a horrid person.

So now I am going to e-mail my reviews so I can post them tomorrow.