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>I decided

>I started reading Sleep No More by Greg Iles. It is not the type of book that I would normally read, and after Mortal Fear, I wasn’t sure I would like it. So far I do and I will continue to read it, but I am not sure if I will finish it. I might even get more books by him. Not buy, but borrow from the library.

That reminds me, I need to check the Queens library to see if my other book is in. They haven’t fixed my e-mail address so I am not getting notifications from them when my books come in.

I was just reading one of the blogs I follow and she had a story about a dead snake in a classroom and the teacher told the student to put it in the outside trash can. Someone commented she was getting Americanized because she should have said dust bin. It reminded me of when I made a carrot cake for Tom and it didn’t turn out. I told someone about the cake and she asked me, was any of it salvageable, I remember I said, “No, it went straight into the dust bin.” She looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. I have no idea why I said that since I’m not British, maybe I had been watching BBC America the night before.

One more thing before I go, I think a skunk has taken refuge under our back deck, I heard some noises earlier, it is raining now and there is a terrible smell coming in my window, smell like wet skunk.