>I need to add the Chicago concert to my list on my blog. I also need to add the EPA widget to my blog. So much to do, I also have to exercise and get Gwen. WHEW


It has started raining and it is bad I did not bring my lunch and I have no raincoat. I have a dress on and bare legs. The wind has stopped at least. I am going to get some pretzels from upstairs cause I am hungry


Bella >^..^<

I did not get the pretzels, you have to use tongs and with people around, I did not want to use them. I went to Allsport, Gwen had a panic attack and called me to come get her, of course, since I was in the Fitness Center my phone was off. We stopped at Target, her way of making up to me was letting me do my errand that I cut short to go get her. On the car next to us was a praying Mantis. We watched it until it flew away.

Pretty cool huh?