>I had a long post made out and ready to send, I was on the train coming home last night and was using my phone to send an e-mail, instead of pushing ‘Send’ I accidentally pushed ‘Back’, so the e-mail was lost. And it was quite long. So I just went, Forget it! So I have to tell you all about yesterday today.

As you can see, I got new Crocs at the Crocs story. Purple crocs! For the picture see yesterdays posts. The color in the picture is not exact, but close. I am putting all the pictures from yesterday in my online Picassa album under Manhattan, Fall 2008. For those of you on booktalk, I will post a few on the Yahoo site also. But not all, as you who look at the album can tell, there are some repeat pictures.

The e-mail I was trying to send yesterday was entitled: soaking wet, blistered feet, what a great day.

The first thing that happened to me was I lost the back to one of my earrings, while I was putting them on! We caught the 6:50 am train. Then we had to switch trains in Croton-Harmon, a broken door of all things! We got to ride on one of the new trains the rest of the way, the new trains rock back and forth when they first start out.

We went to breakfast at the breakfast place across from Grand Central, can’t remember the name, it has a sign that says ‘The busiest and best breakfast in NY’. I got Eggs Benedict, they were so good, M got a Belgium Waffle, whole wheat and she said it was the best she ever had. Strawberries on it, delicious she said.

Then we walked up 5th Avenue looking for the Yankee store. I wanted a new hat, and M wanted to get gifts for a friend at work. Well, we didn’t find it, but we found a parade (Labor Day) and a street had been blocked off for vendors. We went into the M&M© Store and looked at things to buy for the kids later, then I wanted to look at the vendor things. M and I each got a bracelet, her’s has magnetic beads so it can be a bracelet, anklet or a necklace, pretty cool. We found the music store so she could get reeds for Fred and Josh Grobin music. Then I called Tigger to look up the address for the Yankee Store. He couldn’t find it. So he suggested I look in VZNavigator for the address, the reason we didn’t find it is because we were looking north of GCT and it is south of GCT. Anyway, now I feel like a dope because I just popped over and googled yankee store and there are five in NYC. Two that were closer to where we were then where we walked to! Anyway I got my hat, and M got gifts for her friend. My hat is wet now, one word, Hanna.

Next we went to Rockefeller Center, I think, sometime we went to the music store, I don’t remember what order we did some things in. We went to the NBC store, I got key rings that are also nail clippers. Got one for me and one for M. Then we went to Top of the Rock Gift store, M got cards for Tigger. It wasn’t time for us to go up, but they weren’t that busy so they let us go up. They have a background to take a ‘tourist’ photo, that M just kind of skipped by. But on the top of the rock, the very tippy top, there is a photographer and that is where we got this picture taken.

It wasn’t raining at this point, but from the pictures you see, the clouds were moving in. Sometime between here and the Crocs store, it started to rain, sprinkle, then heavier. We put on the raingear M got at Target. It really only protected our tops, our bottoms got wet. I got two pairs of new Crocs. I put on one pair, the purple shoes, then we left there to go to Tavern-on-the-Green. Way too early. I discovered that when Crocs get wet, really wet, they don’t stay on! I was slipping all over the place because I walked through a puddle. Not to mention how sore the bottoms of my feet were from all the walking we had done so far. When we got to Tavern-on-the-Green, it was 3:30, our reservation was 5:00. We found out later it doesn’t open until 5:00. So anyway, then we had to walk some more! We went to a Starbucks and got tea and a banana chocolate chip thing, spent a little bit of time there and it was packed! Then we walked back to Tavern-on-the-Green, went in the gift shop, browsed a little bit, went upstairs to the bar, had some scotch, neat. 5:00 we came down and went in for dinner.

The rain was really coming down now and we were sitting next to the windows looking out on the outdoor dining area. Of course I could not get any good pictures of the pretty Chinese lanterns that were hanging in there, so you will have to take my word for it. There was a wedding going on, so in addition to the decor of the dining room we were in, (see picture) some of the tables had balloons on them, not ordinary balloons. These balloons had designs on them. The people from the wedding were also decked out in their finest. M said if she lived in the city and had a daughter getting married, she would have the wedding here. As you can see, the dining room is beautiful.

We ordered our food and it was to die for. M and I now have a favorite restaurant and we want to come back to the city to eat here again. In fact, she said, that whenever she feels like eating out, she will put money in a jar to save for Tavern-on-the-Green. They have a photographer there too so we bought a picture. I really like this picture. I think we both look pretty good in it. Amazing considering the rainstorm we walked through. When we left if was just sprinkling so we didn’t put the rain coats back on. Mistake, it was pouring before we got to the the M&M© store and we were soaked, and with the AC in the store we were soon freezing. We bought sweatshirts, M got a red one, I got a pretty beige one, another mistake, along with the gift for the kids and I got a brown pillow for my mom. Chocolate brown. We then walked to GCT and were completely wet by now. We went into the Ladies room and took off our tops and put on the sweat shirts. That was when I realized my mistake, the water drops from my hair were auburn, and I knew that when I put the shirt on, it would turn red from my hair dye! Oh well, my top half was warm and dry so I didn’t really care.

Some other things we did, except I can’t remember the order, was we got hot dogs from a street vendor. We went into a place called Toasties, near Time Square to use the bathroom, we also got a diet Pepsi, but we will have to remember them for lunch because you could make your own salad, down to the type of lettuce you got. I lost my earring in the bathroom there, but found it. I also got a menu from there but it got soaked and ruined.

Now I have a blister on my heel the size of Alaska and a blister on my toe the size of Kansas. I washed the sweatshirt and the dye came out. I had to hang Mom’s pillow on the line outside to dry because it is dripping wet.