>People are reading my blog! And here I thought I was rambling on to myself. I was supposed to go to Bible Study this morning and as you can tell, because I am posting here, I did not make it. So I am just sitting around until 9:50 because I have to go to the library and it opens at 10:00. Then I don’t know what I’ll do.

The peppermint is working, so I am starting to feel better, but first my system has to, um, get rid of things? er, cleanse itself? Anyway, that’s what was happening when I should have been leaving this morning.

I just remembered I have to go to Target, my broom handle has disappeared so I have to buy a new broom and some cat litter and some hand soap. So now I know what I’ll be doing after the library. If it is not busy, which it shouldn’t be if I get there at 10, I will probably go online there and see what’s going on.

So here I am at the library and it is not quiet and relaxing like I hoped it would be. There are little kids here making noise and their parents are not impressing on them the need to be QUIET at the library, apart from the occasional loudly whispered, “SHUT UP!” Across from me at the other public computer is a little boy, with a constant stream of chatter with his computer and his older sister (?) clearly annoyed with him.