>Gwen is, now I get to drive her to school. OK we got there on time and I got my hair done. I didn’t have time to get my pedicure so I will have to do that after my doctor’s appointment. I really have to go now, I have to stop at the library before I go up to Dr. Sharma’s.

So I got to Sharma’s, I got an Epi-pen! I got a pedicure, then decided I also wanted a manicure. When I got home I waxed my lip, so now it feels funny. Later I am going to shave my legs. I probably should go to Allsport, but I want to be sure my toenails are dry before I put shoes on.

I should never hope

We are not going to Manhattan Saturday. I don’t know why, but here is how I know: M asks me to get Gwen, nail appointment running late, then she says K called, talk to you later. Ok, then says I have to get home talk to D. Then, I owe you a scotch, we were going to have scotch at Tavern-on-Green, and once more, talk to you later. So we are not going, this is what happens when I get excited and start planning things, the thing doesn’t work out and I am left crying, I hate crying.

I hate crying because then everyone knows that Bella isn’t really tough, it is a front, an act, a mask to hide who she is.