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There will be a convergence of Hannah and the remains of Gustav, increasing the rainfall.

NYC and west, including the lower Hudson can expect 5″ to 7 ” of rain with isolated areas of 8″ to 10″ of rain.

NYC , LI, CT can expect 3-5″ of rain starting Friday evening getting much heavier after midnight.

NYC currently is highly variable depending on changes in the track so expect anywhere from 3 to 7′ with possibility of 8″-10″

Rain in NYC can be as much as 2″ per hour, again, causing fresh water flooding in poor drainage areas. NYC should prepare for at least 4 to 6″ of rainfall.

The periods of heaviest rain will occur Friday night after midnight and Saturday through Sunday morning.

The confidence factor on these rainfall amounts is about 70%.

LI and CT will have the highest winds around 4 pm on Saturday. Winds are expected sustain at 40mph iwth gusts to 50

NYC, Queens and Brooklyn will have 35 to 45 mph winds with gust up to 50mph

Waves are expected to start earlier at 10 ft , east of NYC, increasing to 15ft closer to Montauk on Saturday around 7pm

The storm surge in the NY Bight is expected to be 2 to 3 ft, with 3ft further east including eastern LI



>Here is what happened: Mom might have an aortic aneurysm or a very large tumor in her belly. She has an MRI scheduled for Wednesday and then probably a surgery date. I will be making trek down for the surgery.

So, M says we are still going she ‘needs’ it. I am not getting excited again until we are there. Maybe not even then. Maybe not even until we actually get to Tavern-on-the-Green. Sigh, I should have listened to Eeyore.

rain tomorrow?
I cannot believe with how bright and sunny and warm it is today, that tomorrow they are forecasting floods! Yes flooding, I am not kidding you.


Bella >^..^<

When M picked me up she told me she had gone to Target, she looked all please with herself, she told me she bought clear plastic rain coats for us for tomorrow! She is all psyched up to go. So I guess I should be excited. I am trying to. I was rude to Mel, I yelled at her in an e-mail and she was trying to make me feel better. I will have to post lots of pics of the rain tomorrow! Right now I am going to post pics of my ankle chain.