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>Helter Skelter

>I don’t remember what that refers to but I just bought the book at B&N. I find it very interesting that a book written in 1974 is still sought after today. Several people recommended it, and I thought, I should read it since I love Charlie Manson, wait, that didn’t come out right. I am fascinated by him. His control over others. He was a little guy, same height as me, talk about a Napoleon complex!

It is the #1 True Crime Bestseller of All Time (according to the cover) and “One of the best crime stories ever written.” — Chicago Sun – Times Showcase. So I am reading it, well I read a little in it, I have some other books to read first. A library book and some other TC books I bought and I also have some DVD’s I got from the library that I need to watch. But since I now own it, I can read it at my leisure. Or all at once as I sometimes do.



I want to thank Brit Gal’ in the USA (see link below) for her black box, it is really fun. It is this box on her blog, that you click on your choices and it magically transports you all over the blog world. Well, that’s my explanation for it. Last night I went to a blog called “Random Chick” (I think), the first post I read mentioned TA DA “Brit Gal’ in the USA”, anyway, she had a link to a site where you could make your own seal, that is where I got my princess seal, click on it to go to the site and make your own seal. The next time I went to a blog by a man who calls himself, Ziggy, or Zaggy, maybe Jazzy(?) hmm, Jaggy! That’s it! (see blog list below, silly me). He is in Scotland, very interesting. So now I am following two blogs by British people and one by a Scotsman. And I owe it all to Sarah, the Brit Gal’. I limit myself to two times on the black box because I was warned it is very addictive. I already spend too much time on the computer.

Oh, and how did I find Sarah, through Bonnie or Sherri I forget, but you can find her through my link.