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>Daily News

>Broad Channel marina owner guilty of dumping sewage, faces jail, score one point for the good guys.

>I have started listening to my MP3 player again. I got some songs by Coldplay and have been listening to them. Five for Fighting has a song NYC Weather Report and one line is “New York City not so cute but ‘oh so pretty, when the rain falls.'” I did it like that because I am not sure I got the first part right. Anyway, I know what they mean, when its raining and everything is gray and the lights are shining through the rain, it is very pretty. This is the view looking up at the street from the subway.

Monday was the first day of Autumn and this week I have gone from sandals to boots. It could be that I have no shoes to transition between the two or maybe I only like sandals and boots or maybe shoes hurt my feet. My weight may not be where I want it, but I put my leather jacket on this morning and I was able to zip it with no problem. I am sending this from my phone, it counts the letters and I am trying to get to 500. I don’t think I will make it, oh I just did.

And now I am home and adding comments from my computer. I was supposed to watch my DVDs so I could return them, I ended up watching Discovery Channel, a show about a busy ER, medical mysteries, Dr. G. More medical mysteries. Now I am here and should be going to bed but I still have things to do. This is the building I work in and to the left is the Citi Building.

So I am going to leave now. Check my other e-mail and my shelfari account and then to bed.

Addio >^..^<