>but I’m not so we’ll leave it at that. I was going to make the title of this post ‘I wish I was organised’ so I could get more done in the morning then I realised I was organised, what I needed to do was get up in the morning. Today I remembered my sunglasses and of course it is a cloudy day. Not much else to report.

I have figured it out, It was the baby spinach that was giving me the bad tummy ache. Now I am seriously bummed. I don’t care for the other greens and the romaine is very expensive. I have been taking my peppermint daily so maybe that will help. If it doesn’t I may try some Bean-o.

M and I went to the gym when I got home. She waited for me because she thought I had asked her to go, I was just telling her what I was doing. It was O.K. I mean better then O.K. Then we went to the store, I went to A.C. Moore to see if they had any supplies I could use for making her ankle chain, but they didn’t, she went to Stop N Shop for food.

I ordered these two dresses today from Chadwicks. The longer one in a size 4 and the shorter one in a size 6. They look like styles I will still be able to wear when I lose more weight.