>I went to church and then I went to the gym. I feel so much better now. Not so slug like. I also went to Target. I don’t know if I mentioned it here, but my head was itching whenever I used the Paul Mitchel hair products. So I gave the one I bought to Em and went to Target to get Aussie. I also got a pair of leather mittens and gloves. I don’t remember if I still have a pair from last year, so I just got another one. Now I am looking at the bag with my winter stuff in it and there are two pairs of gloves in there. A nice pair, and a worn pair. The worn pair is the warmer of the two gloves and it is the one I use when I pump gas in the winter. Although, since I now have the garden gloves in my car, I might just keep on using them.

I got the second dress from Chadwicks. I got it a while ago and just have not worn it. I hadn’t even gotten it out of the package until this morning. Since the other dress was tight around the arms, I was a little worried this dress wouldn’t fit. Well as you can see, it fits just fine. I am trying to look like a model in this picture. I better keep my day job!

These is one of the dresses I posted about on my old blog. I don’t know if I mentioned the other dress came in first and it fits o.k., but is a little tight around the arms. I don’t know if that will ease up as I lose more weight, it is not so tight that I can’t wear the dress.