>I am going to have a lot of things to put together when I get home but I keep thinking of things, as Tigger would say, I am having random thoughts. Like my windshield wipers don’t slap they click, I noticed that when I was driving yesterday, ‘click’ the wipers go up and down ‘click’, ‘click’ the wipers go up and down ‘click’. And I was up so late last night. First I was updating my pictures in Picasa then when I made my last trip to the toilet I saw the washer and remembered I needed to hang my wet clothes up which meant I had to put my dry clothes away got that done then went to bed. Then this morning I had my makeup case in my hand to put in my backpack for work but when I got on the train it wasn’t in there, so now I have naked eyes. Don’t look at me!

And now before I go to bed I have to address this book I sold so I can mail it tomorrow. Instead of doing that I am playing with my MP3 player. I think I messed it up and will need to replace it. I have no idea what I did or how to fix it.

Also, people are reading my blog! I got a counter and it goes up by ten everyday. Now I know some of those are mine, I also know I don’t check my blog 10 times per day! So now I am going to finish up some things, then I am going to bed.

Oh and I am such a dummy! I copied the songs on my MP3 player to my computer, re-synced them and the problem was still there. I started playing around with the player and went into settings, there it was, I hit on playback range, it had been changed to Selected Range instead of All Range. And here I deleted my playlists for nothing!

Addio >^..^<