Tigger was supposed to put Em’s necklace in her room today. If he did, it was after she got dressed, she has been e-mailing me and had not mentioned it. She just asked if I wanted to go work out with her after work and I am like, oh yeah sure, (if you don’t kill me first!) I didn’t say. I sent Tigger a text message, even though I am not supposed to send him text messages when he is at school, ‘This is killing me! She keeps e-mailing me!’

So I am driving myself crazy today. I can’t concentrate on work and I really need to. On top of that, the payment for my parking came out of my checking account early, (I never know what day they are going to take it out, very annoying) and when I figured out how much was left, I was about a dollar over, I forgot about my second checking account and was asking her if she could loan me money at the same time thinking, she is really going to kill me now. Then I remembered, I could just transfer money from my other checking account. Problem solved. Except for her reaction when she finds the necklace. As Tigger said last night, “She’s going to kill both of us.”

All the way home Tigger was keeping me informed of what was going on, she came home, left for WW, didn’t see it, so he moved it. She came home from WW, went up to take a nap, still didn’t see it, got up from her nap and still didn’t see it. When I got home, we were both ready to jump out of our skins. So he comes up to me with this face and I said, ‘It’ll be all right.’ And Em says, what? So I told her, there’s something in your room he wants you to find. She was like, in MY room? So she runs upstairs to look for it. And we laughed as we told her all the things we went through. Then she and I went to work out.