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>Saturday Saga

>Book study was canceled this morning. I stayed up late working on my blogs, which are now complete, new blogs made, old blog post exported in and all my widgets in place. Anyway, I slept in this morning, till Tigger came and knocked on my door. Well, I was awake, just not up. Em wanted to borrow my train, no that’s not correct, she wanted to use my tickets so she and D could go down to the city, he’s back from his business trip. They didn’t go, they decided Harold Square would be too crowded.

I went to the bathroom, like I do every morning, and I felt water dripping, I thought it was the sink, then I realized the toilet was overflowing(ew ew ew!), so I grabbed my plunger and started plunging and it fell apart, literally, after the water went down there was a big piece of it in the toilet. I went upstairs to get dirty towels to soak up the water, Tigger had to come down to help me because I didn’t have my contacts in and couldn’t see where the water was. He came down to help which including carefully stepping in the bathroom to grab my glasses for me, the pair that is normally in my bedroom was not there. We got the water mopped up and I then mopped the floor with my lavender floor cleaning stuff and put the towels in the washer.

I knew I had to get a plunger, I really didn’t want to go out by myself so I asked Tigger if he wanted to go to the Verizon Store so he went with me. I left him at the Verizon store to get a fat free latte and cookie, then we went to Home Depot. We found a shovel that expands that will fit in the hatch of my car and looked at ice scrappers (didn’t like any of them) then went looking for plungers. There was one aisle that was closed for ‘safety reasons’ and guess what down that aisle? Yes the plungers, so we walked down the aisle and asked if we could get the plungers and the man said yes (I was glad, he was scary looking!) then as I was getting one, Tigger said, “You don’t have to get the cheapest one.” It was $2.98 plus tax, and they only had one kind. Then when we went to leave, the man had pulled the adult baby gate (seriously! it looked like a baby gate only adult sized) closed so we couldn’t get out(He did let us out). Tigger said, “He locked us in, and he is scary looking!”

Then we went to Lowe’s to see if I could get an ice scrapper there. The traffic was unbelievable. Tigger waited in the car. They didn’t have exactly the scraper I wanted, but I got this really cool snow brush with a scrapper, it is really long and I will be able to clean the top of my car off with it. I did get a scrapper, it looks like it will do the job. Then we came home. But that’s not the end of my ‘Saturday Saga’.

When I came in my bedroom and turned on the light, it burned out. So I had to go upstairs to get a light bulb and turn replace the bulb. Then I went to flush the toilet and plunge it out, as I was plunging, the bowl on the plunger turned inside out, so now I had a stick with a bowler hat on it. I turned it right side out and finished the job, then I turned it back inside out and asked to Tigger to come downstairs, when he did, I stuck my head out of the bathroom and said, “Maybe you were right.” He said what and I showed him the stick with a bowler hat and said, “I shouldn’t have got the cheapest one.” I can’t describe his face, but he got a laugh out of it.

Anyway, now I am hungry, so I am going to go eat something.

>Well, not really, not this one. I have a Glyde and the touch screen is temperamental. Some days I wish I had gotten the eNV II, but I am stuck with it. I should have said I love having a cell phone. However, I would not be buried with it, mainly because I don’t plan on being buried.