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>Change of plans

>Tigger and I were going to go into Manhattan tomorrow, but he bailed on me. His leg is hurting, well he and his brothers did a lot of snow removal this weekend. He probably pulled a muscle, Em said he should go to work it out, but he decided he didn’t want to go and do a lot of walking. So I have decided to go to bed early, I am just going to finish up this post.

Since I am not taking Tigger to Manhattan, I am going into work they will be surprised, since I told everyone I was not going to be in. I will just have to say, “Change of plans.”

I waxed my bikini line, I put my lavender bath oil on so now I am kind of tingly and smell like lavender. I like the smell and it does ease the burn of the waxing process. After all this time of doing it, just tonight I discovered that you need to stir the wax after you heat it.

So now I just have a few things to do before I sleep. I have done most of my routine, but I need to do a couple things on line.

>Canceled, probably because of the snow. I don’t know for a fact because I have not been upstairs yet.

Last night when I plugged in my I-pod to add the song Tigger bought, I-tunes said it had an update, so I downloaded it, then the computer said it need to restart so I said O.K., well the computer froze on the restart. I had to unplug the laptop and wait for it to shutdown, I turned it back on so and it was still frozen! So I unplugged it again, it turned off, I waited an hour, still frozen. So I unplugged it and left it over night. As you can see, it is working now but when I woke up this morning I was a little unsure about turning it on, when I did, I got the frozen screen said Oh No, then it went off and the computer finished the start up. I should remember from now on, to shut down the computer, this has happened before.

So now I am just sitting here blogging and listening to the radio, I just combined Tigger’s station with mine. OK, I don’t really like this song, but its not horrible. I clicked ‘I don’t like this song’ once before and I got this cute message, “We’re sorry! We’ll never play it again.”

Anyway, I forgot to check back in with Weight Watchers message boards so I need to do that now.