>my I-pod arrived. Tigger wanted to come downstairs to ‘see’ it, it looks just like Em’s I said. Except it has my name engraved on it. So then he says, if you need any help call me, yeah right sure says I, well less than 10 minutes after I plugged it in I was on my phone asking him for help, and 2 more times after that! I got all my songs on it though I had to do them one at a time, add them to the I-Tunes library, then copy them to the I-Pod Nano. I brought it to work and the only reason I am not listening to it is because the ear buds don’t fit my ears and hurt them and fall out. I really wish I had normal ears.

I went to Bryant Park, back to where Em got the earrings and got the black pearl necklace to wear with it. Only Tigger knows and he promised not to tell, I only hope I don’t let the cat out of the bag. Anyway, it was $20 off and I got a free notebook. I think I am going to use the notebook as a book journal. It has a hard cover and I can stick it under my pillow and the pages won’t get ruined.

Right now all I do with my book journal is write the book title and when I finished it. Since I have started writing reviews, I want to put a little more in my journal. I think this book will work nice, since you can take pages out and put them back in. I mean, you can move them around. So if you read something ahead of something else you can keep your pages in the right order.