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>Live from New York!

>Yes, Em and Fred and I went to New York today. Had a great time. I haven’t checked the battery in my camera to see if it is still good so today I just took pictures with my cell phone. They will be added to the Manhattan slide show as soon as I go through them and crop them and clean them up etc.

We took a cab first thing to the Brooklyn Bridge. We actually had one of those chatty cab drivers that people always complain about, I didn’t mind it, made the drive kind of interesting, he thought I was one of Em’s kids! LOL, she hates it when that happens.

Anyway, we walked around the courthouse and went to One Police Plaza and the NYPD Museum. It was very interesting. Check out the pictures when I get them up. Then we walked to Chinatown to have lunch. Em mentioned something I hadn’t realized. We have breakfast and dinner at the same place every time, but lunch is always someplace different. Today we had lunch at a restaurant called Shanghai Gourmet‎, 100 Mott St., New York NY. It was cross between nice restaurant and take out place. The service was O.K. and the food was excellent. I ate until I couldn’t eat anymore. Fred tried something new, he wasn’t really crazy about it, but we were happy he made the effort.

Then we just walked around. Stopped at Starbucks, I have become addicted to their Chai Tea, Fred got a cupcake, then we went to where the Flatiron Building is, got Fred a shake at the Shake Shack, walked past (didn’t go in) the Museum of Sex(big pictures of animals doing it), walked back to GCT for our dinner drink.

I finally bought the book that I have been looking at every time I go to the city, A Pickpocket’s Tale by Timothy J. Gilfoyle. 324 pages, 460 with the appendixes, notes and index.

>Long day

>and my boss tells me today that he wants me to go to Albany next week for training. He has known about it for a while, he said he didn’t say anything before because he was sure it would be canceled with this no travel business. Of course I believe him.

Yes right.

I stayed home tonight, little bit of tummy trouble. Em and I are planning to go to Manhattan tomorrow. Means I can’t sleep in, but I can sleep on the train.

There was more to say, I also was going to post a review on my book blog, but I am too tired now. So I will be back tomorrow. My tummy is acting up again.

>New York State’s Plastic Bag Reduction, Reuse and Recycling Act

Effective January 1, 2009, a new statewide law requires certain retail and grocery stores to set up a plastic carry out bag recycling program for their customers.

Stores with 10,000 square feet or more of retail space and chains which operate five or more stores with greater than 5,000 square feet of retail space, and which provide plastic carry out bags to customers, are required to comply with the law.

Why Recycle Plastic Bags?

Each year, Americans throw away more than 100 billion plastic bags. Less than 1% are recycled. Recycling these bags reduces waste and litter, resulting in cleaner streets and waterways and less material in landfills. Recycling also protects wildlife because plastic bags can be dangerous to animals that ingest them or are strangled by them. In addition, using recycled plastic bags in place of virgin plastics reduces our demand for oil. Recycled plastic bags provide valuable material to manufacturers of plastic lumber, plastic bags and other useful products.

Avoiding the Use of Plastic Bags Helps Even More

Instead of using a plastic bag, you can:

Use canvas, cloth or a durable plastic bag.

Reusable bags are more environmentally friendly than paper or plastic. Under the law, any store required to recycle plastic bags must also sell reusable bags. Keep them in your car for the next time you have to run out for groceries.

Say “No thank you.”

Not all items require a bag so tell the clerk, “No thank you.” Carry small purchase items, like a magazine, candy, or a drink, to the car instead of in a plastic bag.

Tell a friend.

Get others to recycle and use reusable bags.

What are Stores Required to Do?

  • Establish an “at-store” plastic bag recycling program. Stores must make collection bins for plastic bag recycling available to customers in a visible, easily accessible location. There are slightly different requirements for enclosed malls (see the law for details).
  • Ensure that collected plastic bags are actually recycled. Stores are required to recycle the plastic bags collected and are prohibited from disposing of the collected plastics as solid waste.
  • Label all plastic bags. Any bags distributed in affected stores must state Please Return to a Participating Store for Recycling or a similar message approved by the DEC. The message required pursuant to New York City Local Law 1 of 2008, Please reuse or recycle at a participating store, is acceptable. (Note: If you use biodegradable compostable bags, they must be labeled Compostable bag–Do not place in recycling bin)
  • Keep records. Stores are required to maintain records describing the collection, transport and recycling of plastic bags for at least three years. The records must include the weight of plastics collected and where they were recycled.
  • Sell reusable bags. Stores are required to offer reusable bags to their customers for purchase and allow the use of reusable shopping bags. (Note: A reusable bag is made of cloth or other machine washable fabric that has handles or is a durable plastic bag with handles made for multiple use).

More about NYS Plastic Bag Reduction :

>Went to work today

>and it was a miserable yucky day. I suppose I could have said one and you would have guessed the other, but it was both so I said both.

I didn’t get the snow day I was hoping for. We only got like 4 inches so I swept off the car and Stitch and I went to the train station. When I got to the city it was starting to warm up, by mid-morning it was raining like crazy. That meant, when I went out to lunch, my feet got wet and then they got cold, tomorrow I have to take a pair of socks in to leave there in case this happens again. It’s always a good idea to have spare socks in your office in winter.

My boss didn’t come in so it was a relatively calm day. Boring, but calm. He is planning on being there tomorrow.

I just posted my interview with Matthew Cory on my book blog, Bella is reading …, I was very nervous about it. I kind of said I would do it without thinking. Now that I have done it, I am kind of glad I did.

Now I have to check some of my other sites, then go to bed.

>The EPA Office of Water has released a report describing activities implemented in 2008 to respond to the challenges posed by a changing climate. The report is divided into three major sections:

a description of activities to implement the National Water Program Strategy: Response to Climate Change, including the 44 key actions in the Strategy;

a review of water-related climate change activities in EPA Regions; and

a summary of EPA climate and water-related activities not specifically addressed in the Strategy.

During 2008 the Office of Water made substantial progress implementing the Strategy. Work on all but three of the 44 key actions has been initiated. For most of these actions, interim milestones and schedules have been accomplished and work is on schedule. Some highlights of successful implementation efforts include:

publication of proposed regulations designed to assure that geologic sequestration of carbon does not pose a threat to underground sources of drinking water;

development of the “Climate Ready Estuaries Program;” and

establishment of a Federal Interagency Workgroup on climate change and water matters.

More information about the Strategy is available on the Office of Water Climate Change Website at:

>The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) are taking actions to protect and restore both recreational uses and aquatic life in Florida waters. These actions include EPA issuing a formal determination under the Clean Water Act that ‘numeric’ nutrient water quality criteria are necessary in Florida, and Florida accelerating its efforts to adopt numeric nutrient criteria into state regulations. Numeric nutrient criteria will significantly improve Florida’s ability to address nutrient pollution in a timely and effective manner.

Excess nitrogen and phosphorus levels (nutrient pollution) in waterbodies can cause harm to aquatic ecosystems and threaten public health. Nutrient pollution can lead to water quality problems such as harmful algal blooms, low-oxygen ‘dead zones’ in water bodies and declines in wildlife and wildlife habitat. These effects also disrupt recreational activities and pose threats to public health.

Water quality degradation from nutrient pollution is a significant environmental issue in Florida. Florida’s 2008 Integrated Water Quality Assessment revealed that approximately 1,000 miles of rivers and streams, 350,000 acres of lakes, and 900 square miles of estuaries are impaired by nutrients. The actual number of miles and acres of waters impaired for nutrients is likely higher, as many waters that have yet to be assessed may also be impaired.

Local governments in Florida have worked to improve wastewater treatment and stormwater management. In addition, many in the agricultural community have implemented best management practices for nutrient control.

The federal determination is intended to build upon the substantial investments that Florida has made in nutrient data collection, analysis, and stakeholder involvement, and is fully consistent with the State’s and EPA’s commitment to a stronger nutrient control program. The new numeric nutrient water quality standards will help Florida improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its water quality management tools, identify waters impaired because of nutrient pollution, establish Total Maximum Daily Loads and Basin Management Action Plans and derive National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit limits.

EPA’s decision letter on these actions:
FDEP’s 2008 Integrated Report:
FDEP’s Numeric Nutrient Criteria Development Plan:

>Not feeling good

>Woke up this morning and I thought things were ok. When I got to work however, my throat was sore. And I couldn’t get warm. I had on a sweater and my fleece cape and I was still freezing. I started drinking tea and hot water and then I was so warm I couldn’t stay awake. I tried to pull it together. By lunch my head was aching, as was my neck and shoulders.

I sent Em a text asking if someone could pick me up early then left work. I got a Chai Latte so I could have something warm and with milk in it, since I didn’t eat lunch and I didn’t want to throw up on the train. I slept almost all the way home. Then when I got home I went right to bed. I got up around 7:00 pm I felt better, but by then I was feeling so cozy I didn’t want to get out of bed! I did however, had some dinner and visited with the kids. Tried to order Stitches new phone but the payment hasn’t made it there yet. Then I have to wait 24 hours before I can order his phone.

I did manage to order Tigger some songs. Including Pinball Wizard.

>Slow mo

>This computer seems to be moving in slow motion, kind of like how I feel. I have another follower, it makes me happy whenever I see that number go up.

Today was pretty much a do nothing day. Slept in, woke up with a bunch of little aches. So the early afternoon was spent watching Phineas and Ferb with Tigger. Fun times. I think I lost a few brain cells! Then I went to the store to find some cinnamon tea or some flavors for coffee for my oatmeal. Then I got dinner at Wing Sing. I should have drank some more water than I did. My weight will be up tomorrow.

>Sooo tired.

I was going to write about my day, Tigger texting me to get out of bed, asking me to take him to the Verizon store, getting a new phone, taking him and Gwen shopping, getting my nails done, texting Em while she was in Manhattan with D, and other stuff, but I started to read my Shelfari discussion posts and now, I am just too tired.


>Missed the date

>Oh well, I don’t remember what I was going to say anyway. I had a headache when I got home. So I took some Tylenol® and laid down. I didn’t really expect it to do anything since the headache felt like a migraine starting. I was surprised, the Tylenol® and laying down in a darkened room while listening to the washer thump around actually made the headache go away.

Bought new dishes for Butterscotch, since he broke his other ones. These are stainless steel. Don’t think he will be able to break them. Right now I am trying to scrape the label off them, can’t understand why they would put a label on the inside of the bowl where the food and water go.

Since I can’t remember what else I was going to say, I will say goodnight.