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>Two things

>Not about the weather and not about my commute.

Neither one is nice though.

We have a sink here at work, it’s a small kitchen sink, everyone puts crap down it. I can’t be more specific because I don’t know exactly what people are putting down the sink. There are coffee grounds in the sink sometimes and today I could see and smell grease in the sink. Yuk! So now the sink is draining slow, very slow, I have been pouring hot (boiling) water down the sink, today I added a little dish detergent with the water to see if that will help the problem. It has helped a little, I think, but I hate all that water going to waste, but people will not be more careful, they about FOG, but don’t care.

The other thing is that Em sent me an e-mail this morning that Tigger has lost his phone (and some other unspecified) privileges. So I will not be getting my afternoon pick me up from Tigger, now that I think about it, I haven’t been getting it unless I send him a text. It seems he has gotten a little too friendly with one of his friends at work. Em said she didn’t yell at him, but she wanted to ‘slap him silly’. I didn’t point out that he was already there.

So now I have to get ready to leave, allergy shot today. Since I didn’t get to the gym yesterday I have to go tonight.

P.S. I typed this in an e-mail from work, but it didn’t post so when I got home I copied and pasted it. That is why the time posted doesn’t match the post.


>Work Survival Shelf


I am set at work. I have all I need to get me through the day, a box of Splenda, a jar of loose tea and a canister filled with P.G. Tipps tea bags. What more could I ask for? A place to take a nap where my boss won’t find me comes to mind.
>^. .^<