>It was a two pant day today. One pair of jeans, then my yoga pants over them. I was hoping for a snow day but that was not to be, there was snow, but not enough to justify not going into work. Maybe the cold was but I just bundled up and went in. I am glad I bought that gray jacket in Manhattan a while back. The hood kept my head nice and warm. I also had a fleece jacket on under it and had that hood over my head too! It was so cold in my bedroom tonight I actually dragged out my space heater and turned it on. So now I believe I will be able to sleep tonight. I turned it off a little while ago, but I think I will turn it on while I go wash my face and brush my teeth to warm the room up a bit before I sleep.

Em asked me to get her some more of the Chili Pepper infused Olive Oil, so I went to the store, but they had none. They didn’t even have a space for it on the shelf. So today I went to another store, down 47th Street next to the new Duane Reade. They didn’t have the Chili Pepper infused Olive Oil, but they did have a Garlic and Chili Pepper infused Olive Oil. I sent a text to Em, but she didn’t get back to me until I was back in my office. I will have to get it another day. Maybe tomorrow if I get a chance.

In other news, a plane fell into the Hudson River, it may have sucked some birds into its engines, there is an article about it in the NY Times. Some minor injuries but over all not too bad. Everyone survived.

Well, I need to wash my face and go to bed. Tomorrow is Friday, S said we would go to lunch. I am not holding my breath.