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>Subject: BREAKING NEWS: Former Senate Republican Leader Bruno Indicted

Joseph Bruno, once one of the most powerful politicians in the state, was indicted Friday on federal corruption charges.

Federal prosecutors said from 1993 through 2006 Bruno sought to enrich himself from some seeking business with the state. In court papers, investigators highlighted more than $3 million in payments received from people and entities seeking state business.

Complete details from NBC New York.

New York Times.


>I got lost in Brooklyn. After leaving work early, I took the subway and went out the wrong exit. I found the Sands building and the building on Adams St, but had no idea where in relation to those two buildings the building I wanted was. After wandering around for a while I then got worried that I wouldn’t find my way back in time to catch my train. Well, I headed in the right direction, for a change and found a subway station. No. 2 train so I was set.

When I got to GCT I treated myself to a non-fat latte, an everything bagel with butter and a bottle of Armani Code. I was attracted to the bottle, it is more purple than blue in real life. But the smell is almost like a man’s cologne. I like it and am going to wear it tomorrow.

When I got home, I found out the Gwen was aware I was kidding. The girl who never gets jokes. Anyway, I am not mad at her because (a) it was not really her fault and (b) she is taking me to see Phantom! I have only wanted to see it since forever. Well, I need to sleep. I am getting a headache sitting here and looking at this computer screen instead of my eyelids. Speaking of headaches, Tigger has had a migraine for two (2) days. Poor thing.