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>Live from New York!

>Yes, Em and Fred and I went to New York today. Had a great time. I haven’t checked the battery in my camera to see if it is still good so today I just took pictures with my cell phone. They will be added to the Manhattan slide show as soon as I go through them and crop them and clean them up etc.

We took a cab first thing to the Brooklyn Bridge. We actually had one of those chatty cab drivers that people always complain about, I didn’t mind it, made the drive kind of interesting, he thought I was one of Em’s kids! LOL, she hates it when that happens.

Anyway, we walked around the courthouse and went to One Police Plaza and the NYPD Museum. It was very interesting. Check out the pictures when I get them up. Then we walked to Chinatown to have lunch. Em mentioned something I hadn’t realized. We have breakfast and dinner at the same place every time, but lunch is always someplace different. Today we had lunch at a restaurant called Shanghai Gourmet‎, 100 Mott St., New York NY. It was cross between nice restaurant and take out place. The service was O.K. and the food was excellent. I ate until I couldn’t eat anymore. Fred tried something new, he wasn’t really crazy about it, but we were happy he made the effort.

Then we just walked around. Stopped at Starbucks, I have become addicted to their Chai Tea, Fred got a cupcake, then we went to where the Flatiron Building is, got Fred a shake at the Shake Shack, walked past (didn’t go in) the Museum of Sex(big pictures of animals doing it), walked back to GCT for our dinner drink.

I finally bought the book that I have been looking at every time I go to the city, A Pickpocket’s Tale by Timothy J. Gilfoyle. 324 pages, 460 with the appendixes, notes and index.


>Long day

>and my boss tells me today that he wants me to go to Albany next week for training. He has known about it for a while, he said he didn’t say anything before because he was sure it would be canceled with this no travel business. Of course I believe him.

Yes right.

I stayed home tonight, little bit of tummy trouble. Em and I are planning to go to Manhattan tomorrow. Means I can’t sleep in, but I can sleep on the train.

There was more to say, I also was going to post a review on my book blog, but I am too tired now. So I will be back tomorrow. My tummy is acting up again.