>another cold day. Hey people, its New York, it’s January deal with it, not the time of year for shorts and t-shirts.

I had a bad tummy ache this morning, felt like an ulcer. When I came upstairs to leave, after beating myself up to get ready, Stitch was still in bed! So I missed my train and had to ride the dreaded express, the dreaded, crowded express so I didn’t get my make-up on or any of my book read. I also had to drop off my prescription since I am out and have to start taking it on Wednesday. It’s $70 but I get the money back from flex spending so that makes it a little better.

Now if this bad tummy ache and headache would just go away.

Maybe I shouldn’t have made it a goal to post every day. Some days are like today, with nothing for me to say. It is no wonder there are more followers on my book blog.

Today was WI for Weight Watchers, and I forgot again. Well, with my period and my stomach feeling the way it was, probably was ok I missed it. I also forgot to do any laundry today.

Tomorrow is my allergy shot, and Saturday Em and I are going to Manhattan. We are anxiously watching hte weather report, at first it was supposed to be a high of 15ºF. Now they are saying it is going to be above 20ºF. Woo Hoo! Em has an appointment at Lancôme for a facial and make-up application, I decided that instead of sitting around waiting for her, I will find someplace to get my nails done. So I googled nail salons and now I have a list of places to try. So maybe Saturday afternoon, I will have beautiful nails.