>I had been planning to go all day. Then I went on my game, just for a few minutes, and someone started talking to me, then when I was almost ready to leave my boyfriend came online so I stayed a little longer, I finally got out the door.

The roads were icky because it has been snowing all day. As I drove up I was afraid they would be closed, they weren’t so I got my workout and showered, of course now my legs are itching because of the dry skin problem I have in winter, anyway, I got a workout in and Em didn’t. After I went to Starbucks, as is now my routine, go to Allsport, stop for a non-fat latte. As for the exercise and WW progress, I forgot to weigh myself last week, but my jeans are a wee bit looser. That is a nice feeling.

Tigger got some songs and sent them to me, he was going to put some songs Em got on my I-Pod Nano but D was on the computer. He can do that later, no rush. Maybe when I go up for dinner, which will be soon. Speaking of Tigger, he knocked on my door and asked if I could help him. When I opened my door, the cat was on his back and he was bent over, so I pushed Butterscotch off him. He and Stitch will not stand up when the cat is on their back. They are afraid he will scratch them. Silly boys.