>I used that opening so people who do not like them will know to just skip the post today. I was thinking about the subject having read an old post of Brit’ Gal and I am wearing my Cyprus crocs at work, which I am not loving cause the straps have worn a sore spot on the top of my foot.

Anyway, if you have been reading you know I got a pair of fleece lined crocs, or fuzzy inside crocs, last Saturday. I have been wearing them for slippers in the house.

Today the lazy worthless college student (usually referred to as Stitch but today he is LWCS) was taking me to the train station so he could use my car and didn’t go out to start it like I have asked him to many times, so I threw on my coat and ran out in the single digit temps and snow to start it. I was wearing the crocs and my feet did not get cold.

Now this afternoon I have to go to Brooklyn because the Clueless College Student (also know as Gwen but today, yeah you get the idea) doesn’t know that when I offer to do something for her that involves walking through Brooklyn in the freezing cold wearing a skirt, I don’t really mean it. But since she accepted instead of saying, “Oh no I don’t want you to freeze your knees off and catch pneumonia” now I have to do it.