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>stupid wifi

>yes, I know it is not the wifi that is stupid, but I don’t like saying it is garbage, as Tigger is fond of saying. I can’t get online right now, for some reason the wifi in the house isn’t working (although I did get on briefly) and the other internet connection I use is not connecting to the web. It tells me it is but when I try to go online I get that message that Firefox can’t find the server at . . .

So I am having to blog by e-mail from my phone and can’t check any of my website and invisibo friends. Not only that, but this is the only blog I can post to by e-mail, not that I have a review to post, I haven’t finished Nine Days Queen, still! Well I need to go, if I ever get online I will edit this post.

I made it on, it was simple really. I had my computer ‘repair’ the internet connection.

The weather is supposed to be really nasty tomorrow. I might not be going to work. If I don’t I will be here doing all my online stuff!


>today’s commute

>Was back to the normal crowds and was not as bad as Friday’s. First I didn’t miss my train. Second nothing broke. However it wasn’t smooth as silk, not that it ever is that nice, but we normally don’t have to change trains and this morning we did.

Of course when the conductor said we had to change equipment in Croton I didn’t really know what that meant so I asked the guy sitting with me, who looked like he would know if that meant we were getting off this train. Yes, thats what it means. Since we were back to normal, it meant all the seats were taken by the people who normally crowd on in Croton.