>Yes this post is not about my commute. Is that cheering I hear?

It is going to be about the weather! There was snow at home when I went out to my car, and the snow was hard frozen so I kind of slid to my car. The roads were O.K., the commute by train was as usual, when I got off the subway, the roads in the city were dry, yes no snow, rain or any other precipitation! You may think that is kind of weird, but that is winter in New York!

Then when I was leaving, I posted a Twitter update, that is was cold and windy, how cold and windy? Let me tell you, I had a hard time walking the wind was so strong, and my hands were so cold by the time I got to the Subway they hurt. Why didn’t I have my gloves on? Well, I can’t send text messages with my gloves on!

Check out my reading blog, Bella is reading . . ., some very lovely people gave me two awards! Well two people and they each gave me an award. So now I am off to pass on the honor!