>I got lost in Brooklyn. After leaving work early, I took the subway and went out the wrong exit. I found the Sands building and the building on Adams St, but had no idea where in relation to those two buildings the building I wanted was. After wandering around for a while I then got worried that I wouldn’t find my way back in time to catch my train. Well, I headed in the right direction, for a change and found a subway station. No. 2 train so I was set.

When I got to GCT I treated myself to a non-fat latte, an everything bagel with butter and a bottle of Armani Code. I was attracted to the bottle, it is more purple than blue in real life. But the smell is almost like a man’s cologne. I like it and am going to wear it tomorrow.

When I got home, I found out the Gwen was aware I was kidding. The girl who never gets jokes. Anyway, I am not mad at her because (a) it was not really her fault and (b) she is taking me to see Phantom! I have only wanted to see it since forever. Well, I need to sleep. I am getting a headache sitting here and looking at this computer screen instead of my eyelids. Speaking of headaches, Tigger has had a migraine for two (2) days. Poor thing.