>of the last month of 2008.

I think I am allergic to lamb. We had lamb chops last night, and I didn’t like them. OK that’s fine, but I got a really bad stomach ache from them, not a normal stomach ache a hurting needles in the stomach, stomach pain. Since I am allergic to wool, I guess it isn’t too much of a stretch to be allergic to the meat of the animal too.

Last night I was bored and so I went to Barnes & Noble, fatal mistake. Fatal to my budget that is! I bought three books. Two were on my list so that is ok, the other one, well, it was interesting looking. For the titles, check out my blog: Bella is reading.

Em sent me a text to tell me there was a bomb scare/threat at the H.S. and the MTA puppies were there. Nice puppies! Big teeth. I asked her if they bit anybody and she said no, they just sniffed the lockers while everyone waited outside. Dogs have the best jobs. I bought the oil for her friend and sent her a picture of the bottle. This is what my day consists of!

Cookie sent me an e-mail saying she likes drivel, keeps her mind off sad thoughts. I should have told her, if you want drivel, read my blog!