>Today has been kind of an up and down day. First thing my weight today is 140.2 which is 25 pounds heavier than I want to be but it’s the same as the last time I tracked so that is good. Then since I got up late so decided I would catch the 6:44 and I missed it. Pulled into the parking lot as it was coming toward the station. So I had to wait for the 7:05 express. I hate the express. It wasn’t too bad today, I found a seat with an extra seat I could put one my bags on so I was able to read.

The other down today was I had cramps like you would not believe. This is the last day so I don’t know why my cramps were so bad. Then an up was my new Chase card came. Tigger is excited too. I told him I needed him to buy songs so I wouldn’t get charged a fee on my checking account.

Another up was it was a beautiful day. The temperature was in the 60’s, of course tomorrow they are going to be down in the 40’s. I also checked on the forms online and I can set up Direct Depost to my Chase account for a set amount so I am going to do that.

A funny thing that happened is I set up Mailbox Monday to post this morning, I was checking my blog on my phone and the post wasn’t there, I finally figured out I was checking the wrong blog!