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>I want to know


I want to know, where you go
When life is too much
And trouble is too close to touch

I want know, where you go
When rain is everywhere
And all around you is despair

I want to know, where you go
When your head fills with screams
And the night has dark dreams

I want to know, this place that you go
Is it a house, with warm cozy rooms
When lightning flashes and thunder booms

Or is it a forest awash in sunlight
Birds all around sing songs of delight

I want you to know; wherever you go
I hope you are safe
But more than that,

I hope you come back.

>Frigid day

>It was a good thing we didn’t go to Manhattan today. It was very cold. I went to get my lunch and my ears about froze off! I still have a little headache from the cold.

Yesterday when Tigger and I were driving around, we say this car and the only thing the drive had cleaned off were the lights and enough of the windows to see out off. We laughed at it, a snowcar! Today while I was waiting for the train, because I missed mine, I looked across the parking lot and saw just the opposite, a car without a trace of snow on it! The owner must have a garage. My little car has clean windows but the top still has a bunch of snow on it. It hasn’t gotten warm enough for the snow to melt and slide off.

Tigger wants to go into Manhattan tomorrow. Of course we can’t, I tried to explain it to him. He thinks I can just not go to work. I told him we can go another day, maybe next week. Em suggested next Monday. He was said he wants to go tomorrow because the temperature is supposed to get up to 50ºF. I didn’t see that when I looked at the weather report. I will have to check some other sites.

As for my Weight Watchers progress, I weighed 138.4 this morning, I have lost 1.8 pounds this week. That means I am only up 6.4 from when I first started Weight Watchers.