>I decided to open a new checking account. I was planning on starting my savings account with this bank in the new year, you know, the one for my move. So I just to start earlier. Besides I just got an overdraft due to partially my own stupidity and partially the banks way of posting transactions. Anyway, I just got tired of it so I went and opened a new account. Now begins the process of changing things around. I already changed Amazon, I have to wait for my card to change some other things.

The box of books (well it wasn’t a box actually, it was a package no matter) has finally found it’s way to my bed where they are lying all scattered about. I put them in Shelfari and LibraryThing and put them in a post to be published on Monday for Mailbox Monday. Now I just have to find a place to put them until it is time to read them.

Tigger downloaded some episodes of Law & Order: C.I. for me. I have the 16GB I-Pod and so the whole season fits. What fun! I tried to find a nice picture to post here but couldn’t. I had to tell Em and she told me to shut up!

😛 to her.