>this month. I think I have missed two days. I have made up for it on other days, but it bothers me.

The reason I missed yesterday was because I got involved in an online game. Yes I know I probably shouldn’t, but it has turned out to be rather fun and I am making cyber friends. One has been there a while and is taking me all around and showing me new fun things. Right now they are having a problem with log-ins or I would probably be there instead of here.

Today Tigger and I went to the city. He begged me. He also begged me for the change from the train ticket (I gave it to him) and some new cologne (I bought it for him). I haven’t checked my bank account to see if I will be all right. I am not worrying about it right now. I also got some make-up for me. I bought it at Saks, since Saks is on the way and makeup is the same price whereever you get it (at least the kind I wear is), then Tigger wanted to look at mens clothes. He made the mistake of looking at the prices. It became kind of a game as we looked for more and more expensive items. He found a leather coat that was $2000. We didn’t find anything more expensive then that until we were leaving, I saw a handbag that was $3000. A very ugly handbag.

Then we did our usual walk around Central Park, went to the Apple store, stopped at every Verizon store we came to, dinner at Annie Moore’s, came home.