>Today was a day off work for me. I had a doctor’s appointment middle of the afternoon so I took the whole day. In the morning Gwen and I ran errands, oops I forgot, that was after I downloaded about 40 free books from the Sony E-Store. We had lunch then went to Target because I wanted to get a fork and spoon for work. I couldn’t find any in with the dishes, just sets, then I had the crazy idea to look in camping supplies. There was an Eddie Bauer knife, fork and spoon in a little carrying case. Gwen saw a ‘camping’ Swiss Army tool, it has a fork and spoon, a bottle opener and little knife. She thought that would be handy for college, it is a good size, small enough to carry with her and big enough she won’t lose in in her bag. So we (I) got both. Then we went to the bank and to the library, the Star Trek Voyager DVD’s were in. Then we came home and I took a quick bath and remembered I was out of conditioner. So after the doctor’s visit I went back to Target to get conditioner for my hair.

Is anyone awake? Is anyone still reading this?

Well just two more things I wanted to say. Last night when Stitch, Gwen and I were driving home, Gwen was in the front and Stitch was in the back, Gwen started to tell me about when they were watching Anne of Green Gables, the rest of the DVD’s she got from the library, all of a sudden Stitch pipes up from the back seat, “No! Don’t tell her!” Gwen continues, “Stitch cried 3 times.

Then today, while I was sitting waiting for the Doctor in the examining room, I was thinking, “I went to the bathroom and peed before my bath, then I got dressed and drove to the doctor’s office. When I got to the doctor’s office they wanted a urine sample, so I peed again, so how come with all that peeing and no drinking, why do I now feel like I have to pee?”

That’s that’s all folks.