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Nothing cute here

I like John Mayer and I like Elmo. So I had to share.

>On the name of my blog.

I am going to be leaving soon. I cut out my bag and I want to get started putting it together. I want it to be done by next Saturday. I don’t have anything planned for next Saturday, I just want it to be done. I decided with the leftover fabric to make a little quilted bag, if is is pretty enough, it will be a gift for my 3 year anniversary of my blog. Which will be in November. If this goes well, I may drag out the dress I’ve had cut out since I don’t know when and sew it. That would be nice, a new dress for spring. If I remember correctly it is yellow.

Well, I had more to say, but I just looked at the time and I only have an hour to sew.