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>Made it to work


I was late, but since I am normally early, my boss didn't say anything, I actually saw him on the subway at GCT.
The worst part of the commute was walking, across the MetroNorth parking lot at home, where I almost missed the train since I refuse to run, then from the subway to my office. No snow drifts, but the snow was packed solid and frozen so I had to pick my way over it without falling. Then as I was crossing Jackson St, the glare from the sun shining in my eyes was so great I couldn't even see the lines for the crosswalk, it didn't help they were covered with ice and snow. The parking lot at work actually had an ice free path. Someone must have been working hard yesterday.


>So I am sitting here all cozy in my panties and sweatshirt, I’m under 4 fleece blankets FYI, trying to decide if I should go out in the -1 windchill to go to work or pretend to be sick for another day and stay home.

On the one hand, I really like staying warm in my bed, on the other hand, I can’t stay in bed all day and I am feeling a little guilty. Of course, it could be a moot point if the roads are too icy to get to the train station.

MetroNorth said it would be a regular schedule today. So here goes, I am getting up now.