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>The votes are in

>and the name of my blog is now going to be (drumroll please) “Bella Foxx’s Life”.

Yes the majority of voters wanted my blog to stay the same.

So there you have it. I will have a new poll later today.

>6:18 a.m.

>Back to my regular schedule today. Stitch dropped me off and I caught the 6:18 train to NYC. I have to get back in the routine since next month I might have to catch the 5:57. If things go the way I want that is. Now you may be wondering why someone who HATES to get up in the morning wants to leave a half hour earlier. It is the compressed work week I mentioned before, compressed work week is what the State calls it. I call it the 9/10 schedule, where I will be working 9 days instead of 10 in a pay period, which means longer days but a day off every other week.

It was in the 40’s when I left the house so I didn’t wear my scarf, now I wish I had since it feels colder here. Probably the damp is holding the temperature down and it is not really colder, just feels that way. Its raining now and I have to go out for lunch, I hopes it stops.

Oh and I was 138.0 this morning. With my sweat shirt on. I was too cold to take it off and weigh myself. Didn’t want to stand there in the cold. The first time I weighed myself I was 136.6, but the scale shifted when I stood on it, so I moved it so to where it would not shift and then I was 138, which is probably correct.