I was so filled up with what I did Saturday and worrying about Fred's broken arm that I completely forgot to tell you what happend on Sunday. I mean besides the usual going to church (it was just Em, Tigger and me, Gwen and Stitch fighting over who got to stay home with Fred) and D going to Regional that normally happens. Em sent the boys to walk the Sierra Trail, she wanted them out of the house so she could clean and Gwen was upstairs in her room. It got real quiet so I went upstairs and Em had left. Gwen was standing in the living room, which meant I was trapped. She immediately starts asking if I want to do something, which I didn't, I wanted to go back downstairs. But I got talked into Wii bowling. We played 3 games and I won two of them, not only that, but I now have more skill points then Gwen. Which annoys her since she has been playing longer then me. But that makes me the Wii Bowling Champion of the house!
I also have come up with reasons Wii bowling is better then real bowling. (1) You don't have to rent shoes, you can bowl in your purple crocs with the fuzzy lining, (2) You don't have to leave your house, which means in addition to wearing your purple crocs with the fuzzy lining, you can also bowl in your pajamas, (3) you don't have to walk up and down the bowling ally looking for the right size bowling ball, (4) {but no. 1 for me} you don't have to worry about ruining your manicure that you paid $xx for.