Well, the kitty’s name is now Abby. She is really a nice cat. She stayed in all day yesterday and last night and seems perfectly content. She used the litter box M got for her. Stitch said she kept him up with her purring, then when she started to cry he petted her and Sassy hit him in the head. Tigger sent me a text when I was on the train that she almost woke D up. Then he says ‘not good’. It will be next.

“abby almost woke up daddy
not good”

I have been putting in Pepsi points. M has been giving them to me. She has been asking for the Rainbow song. Some group has redone, “Over the Rainbow” a group called The Hawaiian Rainbow Singers. Anyway, I downloaded it last night. She doesn’t have an MP3 player right now, so I put it on her phone for her. It sounds better on her phone than mine. Anyway, I think that is all I have to say for now. Except I am mad at the Booktalk posters.