I went to this training. I took the subway, I walked the wrong way and got lost so I purchased a days worth of navigator, then it couldn’t find the address. I finally thought to put ‘Environ’ in and then it found the address, coming back was much easier. Now I am on the 7 train and hopefully it will get to GCT in time for the 5:50 train. I can’t decide if the hunger is better or worse then the pain from having to pee so bad. Tigger was sending me texts a little bit ago and now he has stopped. I have to go answer a text from Gwen.

Gwen told me to text M or Tigger what time I was getting home. At the time I had no idea because I was still on the 7 train. The reason I was able to be online when I was on the train is because the 7 is an elevated train. Anyway, I didn’t get home until 7:30 and M was too tired to go to the mall. Tomorrow night is the Mid-Hudson Orchestra Concert. I haven’t decided if I want to go to it or to Allsport.

After I got home and went downstairs and took my jeans off and sat in the bed under my blanket, M asks me if I will go get Gwen if D won’t. He didn’t, so I did. Now I just want to lie down and sleep. So I think I will.