I was not feeling at all good yesterday so I decided to stay home today and completely recover. Besides that it is COLD! Yikes. Poor little Amy is freezing her tires. I think I will have to drive her later, or at least turn her on and warm her up.

The garbage men left a mess in the road in front of our house. M called them idiots. I am in the living room on my computer waiting for the FedEx man. I will have to leave him a note if I leave.

M mentioned yesterday she might want me to go get Gwen. I will have to let her know I am ready and willing.

Talk to you later.

M and I have been e-mailing each other. Easier than calling sometimes. We both are going up to get Gwen, that means I have to get dressed. I am still waiting for the FedEx man. D ordered M’s new phone, an enV™ by LG and it is being shipped FedEx. Since I am home today I am waiting to see if it is delivered today. Right now I have to go take care of some personal stuff.