I should not be typing this, I should be getting ready for bed. But here goes, my little black notebook split, because I ripped some pages out, so I had to glue it, boo hoo.

I have been posting on BT and a couple of the women and I have agreed to meet for lunch in Manhattan. Details to follow.

Tigger got his own cell phone, D activated his old one for him and he texted M’s nephew and now he is not going to text me anymore – boo hoo! YAY! He can also play music on his phone and so he used my computer to download his tunes into his phone. M told D that if Tigger goes with D tomorrow he is not to text us all day. Just because we have free texting, doesn’t mean we want our mailboxes filled up!

Well, I am going to post this then get ready for bed, I still have a few things to do first.